Partial list of available capabilities

  • Discover & Network with other Alums. 
  • Share your ideas and photos in the social stream & Discover what others are saying. 
  • Events and News Feeds / Calendars
  • Check in, earn points, find others and be found! 
    • omecoming sessions
    • Games
    • Regional Meet Ups
  • Receive Push notifications for scheduled and urgent messages
  • Send and Receive Private Messages
  • Compete and be entered to win prizes
    • Earn eBadges as you advance in the app throughout the week and beyond
    • Ascend through Achievement Levels as you compete with your peers.
    • Test your knowledge and compete in ongoing Trivia games 
  • Links to Online Giving
  • Turn your App into a profit center with App Sponsorships
  • Inject App data into your CRM like Salesforce.com


change the game

See how in this 3 min video tour (below)



Our Alumni Beehive Solution works as your Homecoming / Reunion App and all the days between.  Whether you start with an Everyday Affinity app and then do a push update for Homecoming, or the other way around, let show you dramatic new ways to stay connected with your Alumni Community while they Share, Discover, Network and Compete with one another.


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