Sales Enablement, Learning & Development and Event Marketing professionals have countless options to apply SaaS technology to their training and engagement needs. However, these options are typically limited to a single piece of functionality. Need more functionality? Your only option is to pile on the vendors and with it the complexity and cost! 

Not anymore. Dazzmobile combines the functionality you need in a single, simple and elegant package that includes Social, Gamified Leaderboards, Activity Tracking and Interactive Push-Quizzing in a single download that addresses both Event needs and Everyday uses.


Only DAZZMOBILE offers a single year-round resource for continuous, addictive and fun interaction. One app download facilitates all your event and everyday needs and becomes the go-to utility for sales professionals, Knowledge Workers and/or your Customers/Partners. 

One App, Many Uses!


Combine Activity Tracking from in-App and out-of-App behaviors with compelling Gamified Leaderboard displays, eAwards & eTrophycases. 

The result: a custom-configured business solution that’s fun, addictive, and designed to deliver the business results you are looking for.

Addictive User Experiences that keep them coming back!

DAZZMOBILE’S push-interactive-Quizzing options offer a myriad of possibilities for fun, engaging and gamified continuous learning & reinforcement.

Deliver content in fun and compelling ways to glean actionable insights from fact-based and judgment-gauging quiz executions... all delivered in fun bite-sized doses to the palm of your audience’s hands... in events and in the field... with a single app.

Actionable Real-time Insights: Help those in need, learn from the trailblazers!

DAZZMOBILE’S robust mobile social networking platform can be applied in a variety of ways to achieve your collaborative learning and engagement goals.

Drive productivity, share knowledge and accelerate best practice discovery by tethering your audience in a custom-configured Learning & Engagement-focused private social network.    

Ignite Private, Secure Social Collaboration


We work with you to deliver to the palms of your Millennial Knowledge Workers the information that matters, in a package they expect to stay at the top of their games.

The most dominant age cohort in the workforce
learns differently.